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Simple, fast, and effective solutions

At MindTime, we understand the crucial role trainers, coaches, and facilitators play in helping individuals and teams thrive. Our tools provide you with simple, effective, and actionable solutions to the challenges you face professionally when working with people. Our tools are accessed via the MindTime Tools dashboard. Here you will find a wealth of resources to support your easy adoption journey.

With the MindTime Tools, you can also develop programs of your own design that enable you to create tailored sessions that address your client’s specific needs.

Seeing is believing

MindTime Maps are at the heart of all group work. This powerful visualization of thinking diversity in a group, be it a training audience, a team, or other kinds of facilitated sessions, deciphers the complexities of team dynamics. Using a few simple diagnostics you will have everyone in your audience open up their awareness to a new way of seeing people. Armed with these invaluable insights, you can guide people toward stronger engagement, improved communication, and enhanced collaboration.

It’s all in the toolbox!

What’s in the toolbox?

  • Powerful client-facing visuals that tell a compelling story
  • Tools to prepare for client sessions, rich in insights and prescriptive advice
  • Diagnostics tools to predict group thinking and behavior
  • Clear resources including video instructional explainers
  • All the training you need is built right into your dashboard
  • Access to other professionals and the MindTime team to ask questions
  • Two powerful applications for kicking-off training and team building

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The MindTime Framework explained
Dashboard demo using 22 Golden Minutes

* Available in the MindTime Tools dashboard

Fast and Effective Team Building

Harness the power of thinking diversity in teams

In this four-hour program, team members learn how to listen to and understand each other, communicate from a clear point of view, and include each person’s contribution in the collaborative effort.

By using four simple MindTime diagnostics team’s will understand their dynamics and turn blindspots into levers for success. Now they can use the Wheel of Collaboration™ to align thinking and focus the conversation.

Prepare to Succeed Through Insights

Take your facilitation or training to the next level

Prepare using simple tools that give you insight into the diversity of thinking in the room before your event starts. Begin your session by sharing the insights you’ve gained with your participants revealing how everyone in the room brings value.

  • Build psychological safety by recognizing diversity
  • Boost engagement in your program
  • Weave thinking diversity into your materials
  • Make a lasting impact.

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