Think in Sync for Teams

with multi-team dashboard for coaches

The surest way to improve team effectiveness – self-guided

For a limited time during Beta only

22 ,-

per person (±USD $24)

“It nails people’s work styles and group dynamics. Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive, and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company.” –Scott Geary, COO, Better Energy Systems, Berkeley CA

For teams that:

  • Would benefit from a fresh take on how to collaborate
  • Want to remove barriers to effectiveness, typical pitfalls
  • Are working in person or looking to build extra cohesion and understanding while working remotely
  • Want to build psychological safety* for all
  • Are either newly formed or already working together

What you can expect:

  • Personal insights for each individual
  • Solutions for turning group mind-traps into levers for success
  • A method that ensures cognitive inclusiveness
  • Recognition and valuing of people’s differences and their contribution
  • Do it in one session (3-4 hrs) or break it down into smaller sessions
  • Group size: 2-25 people

* Both Google and Microsoft, and a lot of research, have identified psychological safety as a key driver of team performance.

Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive, and actionable
Purchase as many keys as you have team members (€22 per key during Beta only)
6 months of access from first use

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  • We respect everyone’s fundamental right to privacy
  • We are a social impact organisation
  • We are committed to building collaborative potential