MindTime Analytics for Organisations

Some of the most powerful data an organisation can have are about its people. Understanding the organisation’s thinking helps leaders, managers, and everyone else develop a rare insight and awareness of an organisation’s dynamics and functioning.

Organisations are thinking systems. MindTime reveals the internal logic of thinking.

With this framework it all makes sense, and it is predictable.
At every scale the same rules and dynamics apply, one framework many insights.

An organisational license to the MindTime Analytics platform takes people and collaborative dynamics to the next level.

Organisations that are team-based specifically can benefit from developing an understanding of how the composition of Thinking Styles present on a team impacts team dynamics and performance.

The MindTime Analytics tools provide organisations with the ability to:
  • Survey people’s’ Thinking Styles
  • Collect relevant demographic data
  • Poll participants about sentiments and more
  • Manage MindTime key use across the entire organisation
  • Customise results reports for individuals
  • Provide all teams and work groups with access to Think in Sync
  • View and analyse Thinking Style data across teams
  • Generate visuals to use in live online or offline reports
  • Make sense of thinking therefore people’s behaviours.